Lifespan Biotech Private Limited: Your Health is our Priority

Safety Excellence

At Lifespan, safety is a part of the corporate culture. This includes infrastructural, employee, environmental and community safety. From the very beginning, with our employees’ induction programs, training programs on various aspects of operational safety are conducted periodically. In association with a global expert on safety procedures, various initiatives have been designed to ensure that all manufacturing processes and systems are executed in the safest manner.

Safety and Risk Management

Being a responsible pharmaceutical manufacturing company Lifespan is fully aware that more than anything workplace safety measures are necessary for employee confidence. At Lifespan we have put in place the best safety equipments and we fully comply with the highest workplace safety standards to ensure that the workforce at the plant have good working environment. When it comes to safety excellence we duly follow the motto of ‘Zero in on Zero Accidents’. It’s an endeavor to provide the workforce with the best possible safe work environment.

Why Safety & Quality Excellence

The ultimate goal at Lifespan is to attain market leadership in injectable product manufacturing with the highest industry standards. The key to achieve this goal is quality control and management which cannot be possible until we have a dedicated workforce that can work fearlessly and channelize their energy towards product excellence and increased productivity.

The production of pharmaceutical products like injectable require a carefully maintained and sterile workplace. Lifespan does not believe in turning a blind eye to threats posed by the nature of the business.  We believe in ethical business practices and maintain full transparency in all our activities. Our belief lies in consistent efforts to provide safe, effective and reliable pharmaceutical products to our customers. This kind of a dedication towards work and maintenance of high quality has enabled us to create a niche for ourselves in the medical domain.

Quality and safety are our fundamental priority, we at Lifespan will not accept anything less than the highest standards where patient or employee safety is concerned.

Lifespan’s quality infrastructure is enforced through a strong and effective foundation of policies and procedures in all our activities. Our focus is always on doing the right thing.

Our processes and systems are continuously evaluated to ensure consistently high product quality and compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Similarly, we demand the same high quality standards from our suppliers and distributors.