Lifespan Biotech Private Limited: Your Health is our Priority


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”

We accord the highest emphasis to quality and it is given as much attention as innovation and value creation. The Mandideep manufacturing plant is a facility where we have in place stringent quality control measures. To ensure that every batch of the products we manufacture is as per standard specifications we have a team of highly motivated and technically competent engineers and lab assistants. Moreover, we maintain highest standards of safety practices and environmentally green and clean processes.

To achieve the quality objective reliably the company has put in place a comprehensively designed and correctly implemented system of Quality Assurance following Good Manufacturing Practice & Quality Control.

All formulations designed and developed by us are done in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. Quality control is not just limited to product manufacturing, we are very conscious of quality control in the supplies and packaging areas as well. All necessary controls are applied in process systems and validation. Once the product has reached the finished goods stage they are checked as per the defined procedures. The next step in our internal quality control process is that of marking of each production batch, this includes having a qualified person certifying that the product batch is in accordance with the requirements.

We have total quality control system that is applied to all aspects of our production process; right from raw material procurement to analytical product testing to solution mixtures to packaging materials (containers, closures and labeling) is done under the watchful eyes of an expert delegated to follow our quality control process. 

Quality is one of the core philosophies at Lifespan. Stringent quality measures are applied to the manufacturing process of each product. Our reputation as one of the major players in the pharmaceutical business has been established due to our dedication towards maintaining the highest level of quality standards.